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The StokeShare Guide to Spearfishing Snorkels


Photo credit to our boy Trimbleezy

Under the Sea, How do you breathe (Disney Fans anyone)?

With a Snorkel …..Ok googling snorkel…… ahhh ….  What kind of snorkel do I need?

How do I get the best quality for the best price?

Don’t Worry, we’ve got you covered!

We set out to make your snorkel selection a breeze, by explaining the features of a snorkel and then recommending our best finds.

The Snorkel

You will want your snorkel to be contoured, meaning it’s made in a bent form. The advantage over a flexible tube is that the mouthpiece stays in your mouth and isn’t trying to flex back. This flexible model comes in handy when scuba diving, allowing divers to have easy access to their oxygen.


Purge Valves are a mechanism in the snorkel that makes it easier to get the water out. There are some who think that it actually lets in more water. Another thing to take into consideration with them is that like all mechanisms, they can degrade and break over time bringing a new set of problems to the table.

Dry Snorkels are a similar system that blocks water, seaweed, and other floating objects from entering into the snorkel. They make the snorkel bulkier so some advocate to not have it. Alternatively, there are variations on the dry snorkel that are less bulky. Like the purge valves, they run the risk of degrading over time.

If one is advanced then the simple J shape which is top-light and has no purge valves can be a great affordable choice.

The stiffness of the tube is up to your personal preference. A rule of thumb is that it should be firm enough to hold its shape but soft enough to not hurt your head when you bump up against it. There are Snorkel Keepers to keep it from moving around, some keepers can be bulky, so take that into consideration.

Mouthpieces shouldn’t be too far, but not too close to the tube. It should comfortably rest in your mouth without the need to bite down to keep it in place. The mouthpiece should stay in place when your jaw is relaxed.

As in all retail purchases, try it on before finalizing the buy. Don’t be afraid to get a little spit on the demo model. 😉

Fun Fact: The Red on top of the snorkel is for people to be able to see you while you are at the surface.



Reviews on Yelp are a helpful way to hear stories of customers and predict your own experience. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I’d like to point out Malibu Divers, a historic dive center with a shop and other services, they have exemplary customer service.

Some snorkels we suggest are:

Cressi America Snorkel – A simple J shaped model, that has great value and is from a trusted company. It can be purchased here or here.

Riffe Stable Snorkel – has a purge valve and a great dry filtration system. It’s a quite popular snorkel from an iconic brand. It can be purchased on Amazon, or for a better price here and here.

XS Scuba Flo Snorkel – a contoured model without purge filters.

Mares Dual Snorkel – a sleek snorkel that comes in different colors.

SPORASUB Silicone Breeze Snorkel – Made by Omer, a trusted brand, it was conceived specifically for spearfishing. Its ability to bend makes it convenient and areas that are constructed hard and soft to reduce both vibrations and sounds.

~Happy Breathing!~

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Peretz Cohen is a StokeShare marketing intern and a native of Northern California. Peretz grew up around one of the most beautiful natural eco-systems in the world. With StokeShare, he is learning to gain a bigger appreciation for nature and the environment.

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