• Loren Smith became a registered member 4 months, 1 week ago

    • Hey there Loren, welcome to StokeShare! Any adventures planned for the near future?

      • Haha. Yeah. Taking the family to Spain for a month. Not sure if I’m ready. Are you one of the founders of Stokeshare? I know you guys have been around for a while and were using Near-Me. I was curious about how that went or is going. Doesn’t look like you’re still using it.

        • Ah right on Loren! I’ve spent some time in Ibiza… but I’m sure you’re not taking the family there lol. I joined StokeShare about 3 months after launch, so yes and no haha. We were using Near-Me but we decided to launch this community site because our users didn’t really utilize the peer-to-peer functionality. Are you from another marketplace software company?